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This is annumisia.

Our mission.

We want to enable people to make independent decisions about their health.
How do we do that?
We are committed to free access to Artemisia Annua - through innovative products, education and the search for partners.

Our story.

The rebirth.

Until November 2019, we had been selling Artemisia Annua Extract as a dietary supplement under our core brand BAFOXX Nutrition®. The product was the best seller in its category on Amazon; numerous customers in Europe were enthusiastic. With the classification of Artemisia Annua as a so-called novel food by the EU, and its inclusion in the Novel Food Regulation, distribution as a dietary supplement within the EU was prohibited.
From now on, sales were no longer possible and we had to disappoint our customers by discontinuing the product. We didn't want to admit it, but had to submit. All objections did not help.

<transcy>Formerly a dietary supplement.</transcy>

We were still convinced of Artemisia Annua and its healing power. We received a large number of customer inquiries as to why we would no longer offer the product. After clarifying the circumstances, many customers were stunned and encouraged us. For us, that was the decision not to give in and to consider and examine all sales possibilities.

<transcy>Novel Food?</transcy>

But the bureaucratic obstacle, the mere classification as a so-called novel food, prohibited distribution as a dietary supplement. Because the Novel Food Regulation regulates the import and sale of products that were only sold in small quantities in Europe before May 15, 1997. The objections that Artemisia Annua has been used as a medicinal plant in traditional Chinese medicine for over a thousand years and that the plant was also known in Africa and Europe did not help. The negotiations with our partners and raw material suppliers to initiate an approval process failed due to the financial resources, which we - unlike the pharmaceutical industry - did not have to this extent

<transcy>No ban on the plant.</transcy>

The renewed distribution as a dietary supplement was finally shelved. But one of our founders is not a lawyer from the health sector for nothing! He meticulously examined other sales opportunities. After all, Artemisia Annua was and is not banned as a plant or even harmful to health, on the contrary: In many phone calls, our customers told him about the astonishing effects of Artemisia Annua. In his deliberations, he consulted a law firm specializing in food law. They all came to the conclusion that Artemisia Annua as a plant, powder or extract can only be sold entirely outside of food law.

<transcy>ANNUMISIA is born.</transcy>

Artemisia Annua was born as a plant raw material without an oral purpose (non-food). We were thrilled to be able to make the product available to our customers again, albeit with the note "Not suitable for consumption". With our idea we were able to convince our partners to start production again under the new conditions and to support us. For this purpose, we created our new brand ANNUMISIA for the sale of pure plant raw materials, because the term "Nutrition" does not include raw materials that are not intended for oral use. Since October 2020 we can finally offer another Artemisia Annua product under our new brand. Our customer base in Europe and beyond is growing continuously.